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As a CEO of a mental health company and a faculty member at Johns Hopkins University, I am committed to ensuring that my staff and students have the best resources possible. This assurance has a wraparound and parallel process effect. Research tells us that when clinicians and students have what they need, they do their best work....and that best work is in the community with those needing and benefiting from mental health services and support. In short, Crystal's books ARE the best work. They are a resource to clinicians and students. They are a source for learning, understanding, envisioning, building, and putting things into practice! In the most relatable and practical way, Crystal guides us and we, all of us, are forever grateful for her wisdom and her ability to share that wisdom with us. 

LaNail Plummer, Ed.D., LPC (DC), LCPC-S (MD), ACS, NCC, BC-TMH

Reading Poundcake & Private Practice was the representation I needed to inspire me to take initiative to make the decisions that have shaped my professional life. It was motivational to hear the journey of a Black woman who uses their voice for their own empowerment and takes charge of their own life journey. Crystal shows resilience in her journey throughout the book, and it is truly encouraging!

Faith Odom, Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement & Inclusion Initiatives: William & Mary

In 2020 I completed my Master [of Science Clinical Mental Health Counseling] program and was scared. Not because I would soon face the world as a therapist but because I knew that what I ultimately wanted was not covered in my three-year clinical program. It wasn't until I re-read (yes, re-read) Crystal's PoundCake & Private PracticeFive Things I Learned During my First Year. The first go around went over my head because I was still deep in my clinical program. I learned that the road to private practice is not easy but is possible. I learned to pay attention to minor details and to plan for everything. The importance of understanding reimbursements, sacrifices, or, as Crystal puts it, "Living beneath your means." If you desire a business in the wellness field, You should purchase both PoundCake & Private PracticeFive Things I Learned During my First Year and PoundCake & Private Practice: Five Things I Learned During the Pandemic.

Courtney Brown, Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor and Founder of Obstacles Under Recovery

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