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Continuing Education

PoundCake & Private Practice

Returning 2023... | $350 | Six continuing education credits. Copy of book included with registration. Link below for more information. Six reserved spaces. 


This colloquim meets three of four Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s qualifications:

(1) Maintain professional competency;

(2) increase professional knowledge and skills; 

(3) prepare for new roles and responsibilities in the practice of counseling or therapy.


Participants will progress through modules designed to enhance knowledge in order to prevent deficiencies in clinical practice and entrepreneurial roles.

PoundCake & Private Practice is an approved sponsor of the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists for continuing education credits (Category A) for Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors in Maryland.

PoundCake & Private Practice maintains responsibility for all seminars, programs, workshops, and colloquia. Each licensee must use their best and professional judgment to determine if CEU courses offered meet the requirements outlined in the regulations of their designated Board.

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